While we deal with a select group of clients directly, we also support contractors, Audio/Video retailers, custom installation providers, etc., who wish to provide their clients with superior integration competencies and service. Some might wonder if this forms a conflict of interest by putting us in competition for direct client relationships. Not at all.

When truly approached as a team effort with the common goal of successful completion and a thrilled client, these relationships benefit all parties. The Contractor/Retailer/Installation company can focus on what they do best, handling the bulk of administration, sales, project management and basic installation tasks, subsequently lowering our overhead. We then coordinate the complexities regarding what we deal with on regular basis- state of the art integration technologies. Together, we then provide the client with a great end product- an intuitive, reliable, functional system with a minimum of headache or unpleasant surprises.

We like to believe that this reflects positively on Galapagos Systems, demonstrating that professionals who depend on customer satisfaction for their livelihood choose to depend on us.

We also strongly believe that in turn this reflects highly on those very professionals who choose to enlist our assistance. The fact that they chose Galapagos Systems implies that they're not trolling for the cheapest rates, nor are they impressed by elaborate pretense or empty promises. Galapagos Systems obtains business almost exclusively, if not entirely, through referral. Not only for reasons of ethics, but and as a matter of survival, our bread and butter are tangible results.