‘Cleaning’- Some systems out there were never finished, sloppily installed, haphazardly programmed, or just poorly conceived from the get go. Sometimes the offending party is a fly by night, ramshackle operation. Often they're recognized 'big guns' that brag about selling jobs starting in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, many of those very adept at selling sophisticated integrated systems with high price tags lack either will, ability, or the character to follow through with an end product that even marginally satisfies the established expectations of the client. In such unfortunate cases, we make an evaluation and then a recommendation first. Then, based on the client’s wishes, work strictly on a time and materials basis to correct the scenario. While it’s often a hard pill to swallow, spending money on what had conceivably already been paid for, the clients who do take us up on ‘corrective surgery’ have an easy time seeing the value of what we do.