User Interface Design- The most prevalent, unspoken falsehood in the industry is that most users arenít smart enough to use their equipment. The truth is, if a user canít figure out how to use the system with no more than couple hints, thatís the systemís fault, not the userís fault. A good system does not need a cheat sheet kept in a drawer or taped to the back of the remote to enable the client to watch a movie or listen to their favorite music. We design user interfaces for simplicity, ease of use, and as much functionality as the client desires without the pretense or elitism. Fancy graphics are nice and available, but features buried under menus or buttons disguised as elements of a picture are for the benefit of the nerdish service tech or programmer, not the client. While we draw on years of our own experience to develop the most intuitive and functional interface we can, be it a GUI, a menu system, or the layout of hard, tangible buttons, the bottom line is that whatever makes the clientís experience less troublesome and more enjoyable is indisputably the best option.