Galapagos Systems Is…

First and foremost, a service provider for the most discriminating and appreciative clients. Our clients are extremely special people, and they deserve special treatment.

A One-Stop Specialist for Audio/Video, Automation and Whole House Integration. While we love home theater, and make a point to get the most out of it, our expertise and resources go far beyond. Want the system at your beach house to notify you when the best time is to head down to the tide pools that day, or over the next month? No problem. Want it to e-mail you that information? Fine.

An AMX ‘ACE Certified’ Dealer. AMX, a leader in high-end, development level control and automation systems has certified the staff of Galapagos Systems to be knowledgeable in the areas of design, installation, and programming of their products.

A Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer. We have demonstrated and maintain proficiency with products and software of Crestron Electronics, a company that offers a wide array of whole house solutions for audio/video, lighting, HVAC, and integration needs.

Dedicated toward long-term relationships with our clients. Some companies move on after the sale. We work to become our client’s only option, not only for the present job, but the next. Whether enhancing the first system, or accommodating another home, our goal is to be the first and only choice.